123Contact Form Spring Roundup

New payment processors for your order forms

In the first quarter of 2013, our team got busy on payment integrations. PayPal AdvancedPayPal Payflow and Stripecome to enrich our gallery of supported payment systems.

It’s now much easier and smoother to receive payments with 123ContactForm, as your clients will never be redirected away from the form to complete a transaction.

Payment Processors
Dropbox Dropbox integration. More good news come into sight: 123ContactForm now integrates with Dropbox, too! This will help you gain storage space for your form file uploads and share those files with your team in a snap.
123ContactForm API is here. If you are passionate about programming and want to use data externally, here is your tool. Use the 123ContactForm APIto retrieve data about forms, form fields, and submissions. API
Rules Enable rules for multiple fields. Need one condition to influence more than one field? Now you can ease your work by setting up a single rule to affect all of the needed fields, instead of re-creating the rule all over again.
More new features. Among most recent developments, you can now setdefault values for form fields, choose to accept no duplicates and ask formatching input in two different form fields. It’s easy as 1-2-3! Features
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