Peak Performance Tip 1 of 5: Clear Up Memory

System Mechanic®
Peak Performance Tip 1 of 5: Memory Mechanic
Expand Your PC’s Memory iolo technologies
Expand Your PC’s Memory: Computer memory can become orphaned and fragmented through daily use which can have an impact on speed. You can fix this on the spot with Memory Mechanic.
Here’s how:
Start System Mechanic and click Toolbox» Individual Tools » Maximize Performance
2)  Find Memory Mechanic in the list of tools and click Start
For an ultra-deep optimization that requires a little more time, select the Perform deep memory defragmentation option located in the lower left corner of the screen
Click Next and watch Memory Mechanic go to work
Bonus Tip: For extra horsepower run Memory Mechanic right before starting resource-intensive programs such as games or graphic/video editing software.
Do More with System Mechanic
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This tip is brought to you by the System Mechanic Team at iolo. Stay tuned for the next performance tip.

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