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New payment processors for your order forms In the first quarter of 2013, our team got busy on payment integrations. PayPal Advanced, PayPal Payflow and Stripecome to enrich our gallery of supported payment systems. It’s now much easier and smoother to receive payments with 123ContactForm, as your clients will never be redirected away from the form to complete a […]

Your money in your pocket, anywhere.nYour Smowtion payments in your Bank Account all over the world. Registration guide The Payoneer Global Bank Transfer Service allows you to receive your payments directly to your bank account in your local currency. Fees are $ 2.99 for local bank transfer in local currency, and $15 for a USD SWIFT

Monitis Heading for HostingCon 2013 in Austin, TX! We are happy to announce our Gold Sponsorship of HostingCon 2013, North America’s leading conference and trade show in the web hosting and cloud services industry. From June 17-19, we will be present with our own booth, offering attendees to get an insight about how to grow their […]

FREE E-book: 50 JavaScript Performance Tips Web performance is critical these days, especially for developers looking to advance their JavaScript knowledge. We couldn’t agree more. That’s why we’ve compiled JavaScript tips from the best software developers devoted to enhancing web based mobile applications and optimizing website experience in our new e-book: 50 JavaScript Performance Tips. Download the FREE […]

Coming Attractions: Several Highlights from Monitis In business it is an accepted principle that, “if you aren’t moving forward, you are moving backwards.” Products and services need to be constantly developed, released and enhanced to keep pace with our customer needs, competition and technology. In this regard we would like to share with you just some […]

Monitis Talk: Interview with Mikayel Vardanyan, Monitis CTO   Mr. Vardanyan is one of the original founders of Monitis, coming with a vision of co-creating a dynamic web monitoring tool and has been the CTO at Monitis since that point. Join us as he shares his thoughts about the monitoring market, it’s challenges and where […]